Please check back as this page is currently under construction.  We have started with the first emails we received and will be adding to the page until it is current.   We have many tales and photos we are excited to share with you that we have received from the families that have adopted our puppies and become a part of our extended family!   This may take a few days - thank you for your patience and understanding!



"They are here!"  11/15/2011  "She is a precious lil spitfire!" (Zoe)  11/16/2011   "He is wonderful- going on the puppy paper like a pro!"  (Max)  "...Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the puppies and especially how wonderful YOU have been. I am definitely going to get onto the website and leave a GLOWING review!"  Doris 11/16/2011


Just to let you know that our new family member has arrived safe and sound. She stole our hearts away she is beautiful!!! thank you for making us all so happy with her!  She is such a Loving character!  Ramon 11/11/11


"Garrison laying in the sun with his pet rat."   David 11/8/2011     "He has the life. I wish I could get him to climb on the roof with me to put on some more shingles the hurricane ripped off."  David  11/13/2011


"Dana- He is a good boy. Energetic, attentive, curious and affectionate. I’m already in love with him. He’s eating and drinking well already. He does not like the harness but did better than expected on the leash earlier...  Thank you…could not have asked for a better experience…."  Ed 11/8/2011


"We named "hannah" Chloe. Max loves his new sister! Non-stop play"  Heather  11/5/2011

"I picked Haden up last night. So happy to have the little guy, he was a little timid at first but rather cuddly. I think his adventure shook his up a little. I'm staying at one of my best friends in Vancouver for the night and she has a 12 week old Bichon Frise, they had a Lot of fun playing when we got back. He's been eating and drinking which is good. I'm sure I will have many questions.  Take care and thank you for blessing me with him. I absolutely love him!"  Noelle 11/5/2011

"Sadie is doing very well...  God Bless. She is wonderful and to my surprise has been great with this transition from you to her new home. I will keep in touch. Thank you again." Diane  10/30/2011


"Selena (her new name is Jasmine) is doing well. ... She is very playful and is sleeping better at nights and uses her wee wee pad most of the time. We love her so much! Here are some pictures I attached so you can see how she is doing. Thanks"    Kristen  10/30/2011

"Thank you SO much for understanding and being so easy to talk to. I really appreciate you and all the care you have for the puppies and us! :) I know that if you didn't care, you would have shipped Brianna to us with her cold... so thank you for taking care of her!  I went ahead and gave the vet clinic a call, and they said exactly what you have told me. I'm just blessed to be working with an honest breeder. I know there's a lot of dishonest ones, so thank you!"   Tori  10/27/2011


"Thank you for that sweet email Dana! I am in my own little puppy world right now, with Brianna, Bugatti, and James... LOL I feel like nothing else matters..! Haha  We are soooo lucky to have found you as a breeder and have the pleasure of raising Brianna!"     Tori  11/2/2011


"Brianna's vet appt went better than perfect! She is in excellent condition and health and everyone just loves her!   She really is a little gem!   Thank you for our perfect little girl! We are forever in debt to you!"  Tori 11/3/2011 

 "Hi Dana,  The vet appointment went great. He said he couldn't find one thing wrong with him and that he was taken very good care of! Thanks for everything."     Jenna 10/16/2011 

"Adrian is doing great! She is doing a lot better... thanks for all ur help! :) we love her so much. She is doing so well with potty training and is leash broken! :)"  Taylor 10/13/2011 


 "Brock is a good and happy puppy, we are happy with him, especialy my kids.  We bought everything for him.  ...  Thank you very much.  God Bless you."   Vilma  10/5/2011


"Paige has arrived safe and sound. We are finally home. It was worth every penny I spent to see my daughter face light up.  Thank you so much"    Tricia 10/4/2011


"Here they are. They are still very close as you can see For yourself. They fight like crazy but with love. Lol thanks again!"  "...see how much they have grown. Ellie is growing like a weed ... lilly is taking her good ole time."    Shannon 9/26/2011

"Some pictures of Timmy and Sissy. He is really growing I think but Tim thinks he's shrinking! LOL"   Ella 9/19/2011


"Everyone getting along just fine."  (Chap)  Paul 9/12/2011


"The girls are here!"  (Ellie & Lily)     Shannon 8/26/2011 


"Pups are doing very well. Bruno is used to them. It took a little while but he is doing well now. He barks for them to stop fighting with each other it is too cute."  Shannon 9/3/2011


sammy1a.jpgsammy3a.jpg sammy2a.jpg 

"Here are a few updated pictures of Sammy. He has adjusted sooo well and he is just so much fun!"  Sharon  8/23/2011



"Cookie has made it safe and sound. She is sleeping on my lap as I type this. Thank you so very much."   Selina 8/23/2011



"We got him!! He is so adorable and a great addition to the family ...  Thank you very much!!"     Adam 8/16/2011


"Zach has made it safe and sound. He is even more cute than his picture. We are so happy to have him with us:)  Thank you again"     Stephani 8/16/2011 

Garrison... "He is playing already. Even with his oversized harness on." David 8/16/2011

 "Molly...  We have really been enjoying her.   She is so sweet. She is asleep on my chest as I type this: ).   We love her so much already! She has been doing great too. We couldn't be happier.    Thanks so much"  Abbie 8/11/2011

"Birdie....We love her and are so glad she is part of our family. I am glad she gets to spend time with our son before he goes back to school. They are already buds. Thanks for such a great dog."    
Laura 8/11/2011 

 "Hi, Dana! We just want to thank you for our perfect puppy! Chance could not be a sweeter, friendlier, more social pup! He was just fine with his drive home and had lots of fun exploring when we finally arrived. He met several of the kids' friends and everyone was amazed at how well he just greeted everyone as if he had always known them! He only woke up once in the night and was ready for lots and lots of play this morning. We took him to his vet check up and everything went great. Thank you so much for giving him such a great start. We are so happy to this special addition to our family!"  Gretchen and Mike 8/5/2011 

connor1.jpgconnor2.jpgconnor3.jpg connor4.jpg 

He is going to be soooo spoiled!  Angie 8/5/2011


'BOSCO ARRIVED SOOOOO CUTE His first night he did awesome. Bosco is very comfortable in his new home.  Thank you Thank You.  We love him"    Barbara 8/3/2011

"Anna is now Lily. She has been such a joy to the twins. They lay on the floor and she attacks them with kisses and when she gets all played out, she sleeps on them. ...Thanks again for bringing Lily into our lives, she is a joy! "  Leann 8/2/2011

 "Thanks for everything ! Little Elisha is such a love. We gave her the new name of Molly. She is so friendly and cuddly... Note: Hoorah! Molly went on her "peepie pad" this morning. Training in progress." Gail 7/27/2011

"...just wanted to let you know our puppy min pin has arrived! Id love to leave a positive testimonial on your website if possible!"  Kris 7/26/2011


~ Blessing homes one puppy at a time ~